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Here's how you can get the fastest help possible, you may not even have to create a ticket or wait for a reply!

Chances are, your question has already been asked and the answer is already in our knowledge base articles. 
ALWAYS check the knowledgebase articles FIRST for the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

YOU MUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT AT THIS SUPPORT DESK to submit a ticket. Once you've registered, you will receive an email with your login details. Your TYBL Help Desk account details will allow you to log in here so you can always communicate with our team and check the status of your tickets.

WE WILL NEVER IGNORE ANY SUPPORT REQUESTS so if you haven't received an email response from us within 24-48 hours please LOG BACK IN HERE at the support desk using the account details you created.

For refund requests or fraudulent transactions, please submit a request here.

We win most of our disputes and will fight every dispute agressively.

We also respond to and refund all eligible purchases within 24 hours of you asking on this website. 

If you file a dispute, not only will you lose any possible refund you were entitled to, but you will also be blocked and banned from our and our partner's programs for life.

We take fraud very seriously and will ensure all reports are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

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    • Can we use RPM intro videos in our YouTube ads or Channels?

      Yes. You can use the RPM Intro videos in your YouTube ads, channels, and reviews. As long as you do not portray yourself as the creator, developer, or owner. You can say as a user or Purchaser of the RPM Pro system. 
    • What is the difference between the Rotator, and Solo Ads?

      Solo ads are "Clicks sent to a procured list of interested buyers", in a niche or Industry. Usually MMOL, where the audience has little to no resistance to opting in so it generates leads in higher quantity, but at a lower quality of the leads. ...
    • Do I have to buy Premium Traffic?

      The RPM System is completely free and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything! As you will discover in the training modules there are several organic(not paid) sources of traffic, and more advanced(paid) sources of traffic. Some ...
    • Why do I need to send traffic?

      As you know, what makes the RPM System so valuable is it has all the hard part done for you, and all you need to learn is how to send Traffic to your Opt In pages that allow you to build a massive Email List, and convert subscribers to new team mates ...
    • Where do I start?

      A great way to start is by watching our Quick Start guide. Click Here To Watch