Do I have to buy Premium Traffic?

Do I have to buy Premium Traffic?

The RPM System is completely free and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything!

As you will discover in the training modules there are several organic(not paid) sources of traffic, and more advanced(paid) sources of traffic.

Some members want to go faster, and are wanting access to the best traffic sources that will return a higher opt in rate, and therefore, build a list quicker.

As you can see in the attached clearly shows "Optional" not mandatory. We want you to have all resources at your disposal, so you are armed with knowledge

to help you move your business along at the pace you prefer.  We don't believe in "Pitches" either, and that is why the intro video points that out right up front. We want everyone

to be successful with RPM or whatever they choose to do. We just provide the tools, training, and resources to accomplish your goals.

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